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Sasha loves to share the cool things, information she has come across, books she's read and more.

The aim is to share the good things in life, with those who are willing to receive, after all, life is for sharing.

Check out what you like and what works for you amongst Sasha's Momentoes and leave the rest.

Feel free to share, who knows, someone might like it, love it or need it 😊


White Feather Essentials 

Cannabidiol is Sasha's go to tonic for medicinal purposes. It has replaced Paracetamol in her First Aid Box.

White Feather has a host of Cannabidiol infused products, which are just great for heath and well-being. From Cannabidiol Tinctures for a myriad of health conditions, especially aches and pains from travelling, work out, colds etc. to Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin Calming Cream and Hand Sanitisers.

Click this link to check out White Feather Essentials:

Stay well! 


Vagabond Life

Do you love to travel?

How many countries have you visited?

Show off the coutries you've visited by collecting Country Rings. How cool!

Have the country you have visited inscribed on and ring and collate the rings on a Key Chain or a Necklace.

Just keep expanding your collection of rings as you visit more countries.

What fun!

Have a great time on your travels.

Click Vagabond Life and start collecting your rings.

Feel Free - Roam the World - Stay Safe!



Do you love to travel?

It is very important to have a copy of your pertinent Medical History on you, wherever you go.

A Medical Diary, be it hardcopy or electronic, is an adviceable tool to have in your possession.

You can keep a log of your Allergies, Medications, Blood Tests, Urine Tests, X-Rays, Cervical Smear results, Prostrate Sensitivity Antigen results, MRI Scans, CT Scans and more.

Take charge of your health and medical records.

Visit Mede-Pod for more updates.

Feel Free - Roam the World - Stay Safe!

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