A Catamaran at sea

Sick As A Dog En-route to Saint Lucia

29th June, 2020

'Take time out to explore our beautiful world.''

Here goes Sasha on one of her escapades.

Sasha took time out of her life for a sabbatical. She chose to break away from the hum-drum of her life in Europe and jetted off to the French Caribbean. Sasha didn’t speak a word of French 🤔

This was a great time in her life, filled with sun, sand, sea and more. One of Sasha’s fun times was a trip to a Jazz Festival in St. Lucia.

Her French friends invited her to the annual trip from the French Caribbean Island of Martinique to the English speaking Island of St. Lucia.

Her friends rented a Catamaran, which conveniently accommodated and slept eight people. Sasha loves the water. It was her first time on a voyage in a Catamaran..... Read on here:

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Sunset at a Beachside Wedding in Goa

Stranded in the Middle of the Indian Ocean

23rd June, 2020

'Live your life to the fullest, so you have no regrets.'

Sasha loves to travel. To date, she has visited five continents: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America. Antarctica and South America are on the cards for her next trips.

Sasha was invited to attend a wedding in India. How much fun that was. As usual, Sasha planned her trip to include one or two other neighbouring countries.

Sasha rarely returns to her base the way she departed. She just buys a one-way ticket to her first destination and takes each day as the Kind Lord delivers it to her.

The first leg of Sasha’s trip to India involved a stopover in Muscat, Oman. An interesting Emirate. . ..... Read on here:

If you enjoy reading Sasha's Chronicles and her escapades, do follow and clap for her on Medium, a great platform to read and write articles.


A Bird & Fish Feeder on Morea Island.

Sasha's Unplanned Trip - Halfway Round the World

15th June, 2020

‘I am not in competition with anyone. I simply strice to be a better 'me'!’

Sasha loves visiting new countries. Her birthday treat to herself is usually a trip to a country she has never visited before.

For her need for ‘Heat’ to melt her fat – 😄, she gave zero thought to which hot country to go to. She got in touch with a dear friend of hers, Kazaa, who also loves adventures and was serving a posting to Tahiti.

Sasha had never been to Tahiti before. Good reason to visit, she said to herself. Sasha bought herself a one-way ticket to Tahiti, that way, she wasn’t confined to specific travel dates and routes. Though an expensive affair, Sasha loves the flexibility of being able to chop and change her travel plans, as desired.

The first leg of her journey was London to Los Angeles on Norwegian Airlines. ..... Read on here:

Tahitian Dance Class

Doctor, I am Fat! 🙄😪 – Part II of II

8th June, 2020

‘I am perfect in my perfect imperfections’

Following Sasha’s visit to the Doctor, telling him that she is fat and the Doctor telling her that, since she is not clinically obese and only borderline overweight, he can’t give her any magic pills for her weight, the Doctor advised her Sasha to simply continue exercising and eating healthily.

‘I’m already doing that and it’s not working’, she said, looking forlorn.

A jolt of inspiration hit her. ‘I know what my body needs, she thought aloud. What? HEAT!!

How does she get the ‘heat’? ..... Read on here:

In search of HEAT. Hiding in the shadows.

Doctor, I am Fat! 🙄😪 – Part I of II

1st June, 2020

‘Talking of losing weight, the first place to start is by losing the garbage in our minds, then the fat in our bellies would follow, hopefully 🤔’

Sasha was going through the change and she could feel her body feeling more and more sluggish. She was feeling heavier, but too frightened to check her weight on the scale.

Her metabolism was getting slower and slower, despite exercising, albeit, grudgingly. She lost her appetite for a lot of foods and was eating less and less. This made matters worse, because her body locked in every morsel of food she ate – oh la la 😮 ..... Read on here:

Darling Aunty Mosun

A Tribute to Aunty Mosun

10th May, 2020

A dear, dear Nanny of ours passed away this morning morning and this re-triggered one of my goals to put together a compilation of short, funny stories of my life.


Aunty Mosun is one of those amazing ladies who influenced my upbringing and taught me never to be a pushover. Bless her beautiful soul.


We just moved to Nigeria from the U.K, following one of our Dad’s posts in the Diplomatic Corp. I was about seven years old. Dad plonked me into a nearby Primary School as the nearby Private School could not accept my brother and I as at the time of Dad’s application.


To cut the long story short, I was a mis-fit in the school..... Read on here:

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