ABC Series

ABC of Self

'A for Self-Acceptance'

You are YOU!

There’s only one you in this world and there’ll only ever be one you.

You are unique.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Love and respect yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Accepting yourself for who you are would make it easier for other people to accept you for who you are.

You would also find it easier to open your heart and mind to accept, love and respect others for who they are.

Self-acceptance is the first step to a better YOU and a better world.

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ABC Connections

'B for Business.'

You are in business for yourself, just like everyone else, irrespective of if you run your own business, work for an employer or the government, if you are a full-time housewife or house-husband, a student or unemployed.
Think about this: if you had your own business, would you justifiably employ yourself, knowing fully and truly, your attitude to life and your attributes?
Examine the type of person you are. Are you better than you were last year, intellectually, mentally, morally, physically, spiritually or financially?
If you are not making progress in your life, then you are regressing.
It is your business to better yourself for a better future.
Do what you have to do to become a better, new improved YOU.

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ABC of Relationships

‘C for Children’

Children are a precious gift and a blessing, no matter where they might have come from, no matter whose they may be: be they children of previous relationships, foster children, adopted children, children of relatives etc.
Children must never be used as bones of contention, threats, punching bags or as any form of settlement. Children in your care must be protected.
Children are designed to be loved and cared for. It is your responsibility as an adult to guard and guide the children in your care until they are old enough to exist independently.
You must never expose children to any form of harm. You must protect children from any form of molestation or abuse even if this means breaking up your relationship.

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ABC to Avoid

‘D for Drunkeness’

Keep your head clear. Keep your mind alive
Fuzzing your brain with large quantities of alcohol and blowing your mind out with drugs and
stimulants is derogatory to you as a human being. Everything should be done in
moderation. Excess of anything is bad, including fanaticism.
Review what you ingest into your body and why. Note each item down on paper.
Make a note of the quantity you ingest and the cost per day.
Ask yourself if what you are ingesting into your body is absolutely necessary or not.
Think about the benefits you are gaining from it. Then think about the dangers and ill effects
on your body and mind. Make a decision to stop harming yourself.

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